Who We Are

Beyond 90 Minutes was established in Jamaica in July 2010 after the then just concluded FIFA World Cup 2010. The concept was actualised after the recognition that there was a growing need in Jamaica for a platform that catered to the needs of football sporting enthusiasts. Facebook was used as the main resource to attend to this growing need where a group was formed using the tools provided with a view to have it functioning properly in time for the start of the new football season which commenced in August of that same year.

The membership grew steadily and rose to just over a 1000 members by 2012. This was achieved despite the group being secret where only members could invite other persons with a Facebook account to join.

Beyond 90 Minutes is now a globally focused online sports platform which focuses on delivering articles with a difference and timely news related to football (soccer). We can be found on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, and our website to deliver and assuage the needs of football fans around the world.

Please continue the journey with us as we go beyond what is the accepted norm in football coverage.