Rules and FAQs

FPL Predictions Beyond 90 Minutes

How do I play?

  1. Register on the website at
  2. Proceed to to the main Fantasy Premier League Predictions page. There you find all the resources you need including links to the predictions page, the leaderboard, the Premier League points table and our own, Ryan Lawson’s, weekly tips and analysis.


30 points for a correct score prediction

20 points for the correct score difference only

10 points for correct result


To be announced soon.

To be eligible for prizes, donate US$10 using the PayPal link provided. For easy identification, use your given name to register and to donate. We will need verification of identity in the event you qualify for prizes.

Currently, participants in the Caribbean, United Kingdom and North America qualify for prizes.

Good luck!

Tiebreaker Order

  1. Correct score predictions
  2. Correct score difference predictions
  3. Correct result predictions


The deadlines to submit are the same as for the Official Fantasy Premier League game.