The 2016/17 league seasons are past us and now all the stats can be aggregated. Who are the leading assist men across Europe’s top five leagues?

The guy Arsenal should pursue, Emil Forsberg, reigns supreme.

Forsberg tops assists
Emil Forsberg tops Europe while Fabregas tops volume with efficiency

The King in England…

The King of the quick whipped in low cross

Fabregas has been doing this a while.

No big surprises there but four from the Premier league highlights just how much English teams rely on one primary creative force (and a number ten type) for the final pass. The load is also shared more evenly amongst the talent in other leagues.

Kudos to the master of efficiency Franck Ribery. Pity he doesn’t play that much anymore. Also to Christian Eriksen who stepped up and was a sterling provider for Harry Kane and Dele Alli.