B90M’s Rating Index for Goalkeepers at end of 2016/17

It’s time. We told you this list is sure to stir up some controversy; raising a few eyebrows and changing perceptions along the way. Collecting stats from the last three seasons, here is our main list for the top 25 goalkeepers in world football. Before we delve into this much anticipated ranking, a look at what we consider.

The weighting system for the GKRI considers:

Saves, Saves Per Goal, Minutes Per Goal, Distribution, Handling (punches and catches), defensive stress, save difficulty, penalty saves and errors.

25 Mattia Perin (Genoa)

Index rating: 59.16

Raw score: 56.11 (26th)

Age: 24

Games: 73

Minutes: 6,387

Strongest category: Penalty save percentage, saves per goal and handling

Weakest category: Clean sheets and distribution

Once looked at the surefire heir to Gigi Buffon’s throne for Italy, Perin has had a rough last couple of years due to injury, most recently tearing his knee ligaments in January. He’s still a quality keeper on his day who’s not helped by a shoddy defense (51st overall) and faces a high save difficulty, and still relatively young, he could still reach the heights many believed he could reach as a teenager.

24 Łukasz Fabiański (Swansea City)

Index rating: 60.10

Raw score: 56.09 (28th)

Age: 32

Games: 111

Minutes: 9,967

Strongest category: Distribution (1st) and clean sheets

Weakest category: Handling and errors

While another Polish, ex-Arsenal goalkeeper grabbed many of the headlines this summer, this one has been steadier as the anchor to Swansea’s back line than people give him credit for. Weak handling and saves per goal numbers hamper him, but ever since impressing at the back end of his Arsenal career, he’s become a reliable figure to the Welsh side.

23 Diego Alves (Flamengo)

Index rating: 58.63

Raw score: 56.02 (30th)

Age: 32

Games: 83

Minutes: 7,351

Strongest category: Penalty save percentage, saves and distribution

Weakest category: Handling and errors

Sort of surprising that the Brazilian is back in his native country as he still was one of La Liga’s most solid goalkeepers at the time of his departure from Valencia. One of the greatest penalty specialists ever in the Primera, Alves returned to Flamengo after a successful decade in Spain.

22 Yann Sommer (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

Index rating: 60.64

Raw score: 58.34 (20th)

Age: 28

Games: 100

Minutes: 9,000

Strongest category: Handling (5th) and saves per goal

Weakest category: Penalty save percentage and minutes per goal

Become a steady hand for Gladbach, where he’s proved his worth domestically as well as in the Champions League, Sommer has a strong reach and makes few noticeable errors. Also the number one for Switzerland, it’s safe to say he’s reaching the apex of a solid career.

21 Samir Handanović (Inter Milan)

Index rating: 60.78

Raw score: 58.32 (21st)

Age: 33

Games: 110

Minutes: 9,900

Strongest category: Distribution and penalty save percentage

Weakest category: Handling

Slovenia has produced its share of quality keepers since the turn of the decade and this man was the first of those. After a stellar run at Udinese, the Inter Milan net minder has continued his steady work at the San Siro and has his team off to a very good start this season as they look to return to the Champions League after a long absence.

20 Gerónimo Rulli (Real Sociedad)

Index rating: 61.58

Raw score: 56.80 (23rd)

Age: 25

Games: 96

Minutes: 8,591

Strongest category: Distribution (4th) and penalty save percentage

Weakest category: Handling and errors

The Argentine stopper’s flexibility and ball-playing abilities have made him a strong successor to Claudio Bravo at the Anoeta. He annoys with his share of schoolboy errors, but with room to learn for a team some have tipped to return to the Champions League, Rulli has every chance to become a permanent cult hero in Basque country.

19 Tom Heaton (Burnley)

Index rating: 61.63

Raw score: 62.58 (12th)

Age: 31

Games: 119

Minutes: 10,710

Strongest category: Errors (2nd least) and handling (4th)

Weakest category: Saves per goal and clean sheets

He’s become a Fantasy Premier League godsend for football lovers and in reality, he’s pretty darn good too. The England international has been the main reason Burnley survived in their third Premier League go-round and makes them a tough out for the bigger sides in the Premiership.

18 Jasper Cillessen (Barcelona)

Index rating: 62.59

Raw score: 64.73 (9th)

Age: 28

Games: 68

Minutes: 6,120

Strongest category: Errors (4th least), distribution and handling

Weakest category: Saves and saves per goal

The Dutch international was a surprising add in the summer of 2016 to Barcelona and hasn’t gotten many opportunities to show his stuff there, but his body of work at Ajax proves he’s worth taking a chance on for a big club

17 Gianluigi Donnarumma (AC Milan)

Index rating: 62.14

Raw score: 59.31 (14th)

Age: 18

Games: 68

Minutes: 6,048

Strongest category: Saves, saves per goal and penalty save percentage

Weakest category: Handling and errors

The youngest keeper in our rankings, the teenage sensation appears to be the leader in a long line of young Italian stars ready to usher in a new era for the four-time world champions. The obvious successor to Buffon as national team number one, he hopes to restore AC Milan’s good name as they aim to return to former glories.

16 Lorus Karius (Liverpool)

Index rating: 62.21

Raw score: 58.79 (17th)

Age: 24

Games: 77

Minutes: 6,871

Strongest category: Handling (5th) and penalty save percentage

Weakest category: Errors

Karius was bought in good faith given he put up solid performances for Mainz in the Bundesliga. But did make his share of errors in Germany and those have been magnified since arriving at Anfield. The fact he can’t displace a bang average Simon Mignolet, who didn’t even make the top 40 of our rankings, says enough.

15Danijel Subašić (AS Monaco)

Index rating: 62.30

Raw score: 64.10 (10th)

Age: 32

Games: 109

Minutes: 9,810

Strongest category: Distribution (3rd), penalty save percentage (4th) and clean sheets

Weakest category: Saves

Monaco’s attacking flair has won many plaudits over the last year, but they have arguably the best keeper in Ligue 1 to thank for their tremendous transformation as well. The Croatian international keeps a calm head and is crucial to many restarts of one of world football’s most lethal counter attacks.

14Adrián San Miguel del Castillo (West Ham)

Index rating: 62.38

Raw score: 56.10 (27th)

Age: 30

Games: 86

Minutes: 7,710

Strongest category: Penalty save percentage and errors

Weakest category: Handling and saves per goal

The Seville native now has to play back up to the enigmatic Joe Hart and, save for a very skay 2016/17, you wonder why he is. Vital to their qualification for Europa League football the season before, Adrián might be better served finding a way out of London in January as the club clearly sees no future for him.

13 Ralf Fährmann (Schalke 04)

Index rating: 62.48

Raw score: 59.11 (15th)

Age: 28

Games: 93

Minutes: 8,369

Strongest category: Handling (3rd) and errors

Weakest category: Saves and clean sheets

It took him a while, but Fährmann is finally fulfilling the believe Schalke brass instilled in him as they looked for someone to be a long-term successor to Manuel Neuer. One of the Bundesliga’s best, despite having to sit behind a defense that lost Sead Kolašinac and captain Benedikt Höwedes this summer.

12 Kevin Trapp (PSG)

Index rating: 62.59

Raw score: 61.67 (13th)

Age: 27

Games: 81

Minutes: 7,207

Strongest category: Clean sheets (5th) and penalty save percentage

Weakest category: Handling

Once pictured with Rihanna after a game in 2015, Trapp has had to work, work, work to prove his worth in Paris amidst the rise of Alphonse Areola. A few worrying moments have left hearts in mouths, but on his day, he remains a quality stopper.

11 Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester City)

Index rating: 63.64

Raw score: 65.20 (7th)

Age: 30

Games: 92

Minutes: 8,246

Strongest category: Handling (1st) and errors (1st)

Weakest category: Distribution

Just missing out on a top 10 spot is the Danish international who has had a magical couple of years at the King Power Stadium. While Mahrez might be their most dynamic player, Schmeichel’s importance is as great or greater. Makes few mistakes, strong organiser of his back line and continuing a strong lineage as reminds at times of his famous dad, Peter Schmeichel.

10 Fraser Forster (Southampton)

Index rating: 63.83

Raw score: 59.03 (16th)

Age: 29

Games: 86

Minutes: 7,663

Strongest category: Saves and clean sheets

Weakest category: Handling

The former Celtic keeper has mostly lived up to the billing since arriving at St. Mary’s though his performances have tailed off in the last year, partly due to injury. Frustrating against the top sides, Forster continues to win the hearts of Saints fans with his fearlessness and ability.

9 Sergio Asenjo (Villarreal)

Index rating: 64.05

Raw score: 62.83 (11th)

Age: 28

Games: 89

Minutes: 4,160

Strongest category: Saves (1st), saves per goal (2nd) and clean sheets

Weakest category: Handling and errors

If not for consistent knee trouble, Asenjo could be making a legitimate push for the top five, having proven one of Spain’s best net minders when fit. Always capable of the sublime, Asenjo has coordinated a Villarreal defense that consistently ranks as one of the La Liga’s top defensive units

8 Hugo Lloris (Tottenham)

Index rating: 64.45

Raw score: 58.42 (19th)

Age: 30

Games: 106

Minutes: 9,397

Strongest category: Clean sheets and saves

Weakest category: Handling

One of the Premier League’s best hopes to finally win a trophy this season with the North London outfit and is the best goalkeeper France has produced in a good while. A true all-rounder of his craft.

7 Petr Čech (Arsenal)

Index rating: 66.83

Raw score: 65.19 (8th)

Age: 35

Games: 76

Minutes: 6,764

Strongest category: Saves per goal (4th) and clean sheets

Weakest category: Handling and penalty save percentage

This is sure to surprise a number of Arsenal fans. Yes, Čech has his share of hiccups during his two-plus years at the Emirates. But his strong save numbers and damning numbers against the back three or four in front of him suggest he’s been let down by his defenders more times than not. Time will tell if the Premier League’s all-time clean sheet leader is good enough to lead them to greater than FA Cup success, but there are bigger issues for the Gunners to worry about than the former Czech international.

6 David de Gea (Manchester United)

Index rating: 67.52

Raw score: 65.34 (6th)

Age: 26

Games: 106

Minutes: 9,523

Strongest category: Distribution (5th), handling and errors

Weakest category: Penalty save percentage

Manchester United’s most influential piece in the post-Fergie era and Spain’s number one has few weaknesses. Some say he’s the best in the business right now, but he has to settle for sixth on our list. United fans should be thanking the man upstairs every day for that faulty fax machine.

5 Keylor Navas (Real Madrid)

Index rating: 68.97

Raw score: 66.98 (5th)

Age: 30

Games: 67

Minutes: 6,030

Strongest category: Distribution, saves and saves per goal

Weakest category: Handling

Since his days at Levante, the Costa Rican has been an imperial force at his position. After fighting off constant speculation about his future at the club, he’s become the unquestioned main man at the Bernabéu and will continue to be as long as Florentino Perez’s trigger finger doesn’t get too itchy.

4 Claudio Bravo (Manchester City)

Index rating: 71.10

Raw score: 67.84 (4th)

Age: 34

Games: 91

Minutes: 8,175

Strongest category: Clean sheets (4th) and saves per goal

Weakest category: Distribution and penalty save percentage

The Chilean veteran’s Barcelona stats help him greatly here; a wise decision by Barcelona to let him go to Manchester City in hind sight. Having a miserable time at the Etihad, Bravo’s time seems to be winding down, though he’s still capable of the odd remarkable outing.

3 Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich)

Index rating: 81.72

Raw score: 79.78 (3rd)

Age: 31

Games: 92

Minutes: 8,227

Strongest category: Penalty save percentage (1st), clean sheets (1st) and handling

Weakest category: Distribution

Another keeper who many believe is the best around, the currently injured World Cup winning goalkeeper still seems to have a lot left in the tank, having defied logic since his teenage years at Schalke. A legend in the making.

2 Jan Oblak (Atlético Madrid)

Index rating: 83.32

Raw score: 81.80 (2nd)

Age: 24

Games: 79

Minutes: 7,040

Strongest category: Clean sheets (2nd), saves per goal (2nd) errors (5th least) and handling

Weakest category: Penalty save percentage

Over Atlético’s sustained run as a serious challenger to the status quo of European football, the Slovenian can be attributed a lot of credit for their success. While Oblak has become a fan favourite on the red and blue side of Madrid, look for other big clubs to circle for him in the near future.

1 Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus)

Index rating: 83.50

Raw score: 84.08 (1st)

Age: 39

Games: 98

Minutes: 8,775

Strongest category: Saves per goal (1st), handling (2nd), errors (3rd least) and clean sheets (3rd)

Weakest category: None

The best in our GKRI, of his generation and, arguably, of all-time at his position. This man ages in reverse, and while physically he’s capable of playing into his 40s, this season will be the final we get to enjoy the legend at work before he calls it a career. Enjoy it while it lasts football world.