B90M’s Striker Rating Index (SRI)

There is no shortage of lists around that attempt to rank and rate footballers. The lists can be statistically based of sorts, going by goals scored or some other metric. Lists are also formed purely on the opinion of the writer(s).

We at B90M demand more of lists and of ourselves to provide you with objective analysis. This is why we introduce the B90M SRI which ranks categories of players based on a set of statistical categories over a period of roughly three seasons. Some rankings may go against the popular conceptions and some may reinforce them. Players are rewarded for consistency rather than for a fleeting moment of form as we use data going back to the beginning of the 2013/14 season .

The weighting system for the SRI considers:

Goals, Assists, Key Passes, Passing, Shooting Efficiency, Shooting Accuracy, and Dribbling.

There is a team adjustment to equalise the statistics that are directly affected by the quality of each players’ team. Now that this is all cleared up, we introduce the B90M SRI. Enjoy and check every month for updates and ratings of forwards/attacking midfielders, central midfielders and defenders.

Will it be Messi, Neymar or Ronaldo? Is Pogba every bit as good as we think? Do almost all of the best defenders don the colours of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Barcelona as UEFA and FIFA seem to think? Stay tuned.

First, notable mentions and then our list!

Accurate up to November 1, 2016.

27Notable Mention: Jonas Gonçalves Oliveira (Benfica)

Raw score: n/a

Age: 32

Games: 93

Minutes: 7,244

Goals: 62

Minutes per goal: 116.8

If not for insufficient data, the Brazilian Jonas may well have been able to make the top 25 and been somewhere close to the top 20. However, Portuguese Liga’s leading striker has to be mentioned for his exploits since his move from Valencia.

26Notable Mention: Alvaro Morata (Real Madrid)

SRI Index rating: 68.96

Raw score: 70.46

Age: 23

Games: 96

Minutes: 3,856

Goals and Assists: 26 (13)

Strongest category: Dribbling

Weakest category: Shot efficiency

If this talented Spaniard had met our qualifier of 30 goals he would have placed near our top 10. One suspects that as his appearances increase he will make a big splash on our rankings. Don’t fret, Morata fans!

25Edinson Cavani (PSG)

SRI Index rating: 52.66

Raw score: 51.97 (25th)

Age: 29

Games: 107

Minutes: 8,007

Goals and Assists: 63 (8)

Strongest category: Passing accuracy

Weakest category: Shot efficiency and Goals & Assists

His very best days were past him once he left Napoli for the Parisian club. If compiled at the end of the 2012/13 season, Cavani may well have been in a dogfight with Radamel Falcao and Robin van Persie for the number one spot. The Uruguayan manages to sneak in after recording solid, if unspectacular, numbers for PSG.

24Edin Dzeko (Roma)

SRI Index rating: 55.15

Raw score: 56.36 (24th)

Age: 30

Games: 95

Minutes: 5,787

Goals and Assists: 38 (11)

Strongest category: Pass volume

Weakest category: Shot efficiency

Notoriously streaky, Dzeko has benefited somewhat from yet another streak to start the 2016/17 season. Solid in most areas without any real standouts.

23Olivier Giroud (Arsenal FC)

SRI Index rating: 59.13

Raw score: 58.96 (21st)

Age: 30

Games: 105

Minutes: 7,430

Goals and Assists: 48 (17)

Strongest category: Pass volume

Weakest category: Pass completion and dribbling

The classy French striker has overcome a tough start to life in London where he seemingly didn’t know where the goal was to become a reliable, if inconsistently spectacular performer for the Gunners. In a limited role this season because of the installation of Alexis Sanchez as the focal point, Giroud continues to play his part.

22Mario Mandzukic (Juventus)

SRI Index rating: 60.03

Raw score: 58.67 (22nd)

Age: 30

Games: 95

Minutes: 6,576

Goals and Assists: 41 (13)

Strongest category: Shot efficiency

Weakest category: Pass volume

The well-travelled Juventus striker is one of the more limited top strikers around and this hurts his rating. Still a top quality goalscorer. Still a quality goalscorer who finds himself with Gonzalo Higuain and Paulo Dybala (once back to full fitness) to contend with if he wants consistent game time.

21Mauro Icardi (Inter Milan)

SRI Index rating: 60.09

Raw score: 57.68 (23rd)

Age: 23

Games: 102

Minutes: 7,786

Goals and Assists: 55 (14)

Strongest category: Shot efficiency

Weakest category: Shooting accuracy and dribbling

One of the players in and around our final list under 24 years old. He should make an appearance once he nears his prime. He’ll need to improve his game outside of scoring if he wants to challenge those in his age group for the spotlight in years to come.

20Ciro Immobile (Lazio)

SRI Index rating: 61.91

Raw score: 59.80 (20th)

Age: 26

Games: 82

Minutes: 5,501

Goals and Assists: 39 (6)

Strongest category: Dribbling

Weakest category: Pass completion

At 26, the Italian striker seems to be unable to settle already playing for nine clubs in his career. However, wherever he has been given game time he has found the back of the net. What a settled environment could do for him is a wonder. He has his dribbling ability and his team contributions to thank for a respectable placing.

19Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Borussia Dortmund)

SRI Index rating: 63.02

Raw score: 63.36 (14th)

Age: 27

Games: 104

Minutes: 7,857

Goals and Assists: 61 (15)

Strongest category: Shooting accuracy

Weakest category: Pass completion

The consummate poacher, the French-born Gabonese striker has exploded into the public eye over the last two seasons. His excellent goalscoring propels him into the top 20 but it still let down by his passing and other attributes that prevent him from being a truly complete striker.

18Carlos Bacca (AC Milan)

SRI Index rating: 63.09

Raw score: 61.47 (18th)

Age: 30

Games: 121

Minutes: 8,784

Goals and Assists: 58 (13)

Strongest category: Shot efficiency

Weakest category: Pass completion and pass volume

The Colombian striker has been impressively plying his trade outside of the very top clubs in Europe but can’t seem to do enough for a big move to one. His placing may come as a surprise to many considering the names he has surpassed on our list but his solid contributions to his present and past clubs show he deserves his placement.

17Romelu Lukaku (Everton FC)

SRI Index rating: 63.10

Raw score: 60.74 (19th)

Age: 23

Games: 113

Minutes: 9,255

Goals and Assists: 50 (20)

Strongest category: Dribbling and shooting accuracy

Weakest category: Goals and shot efficiency

The man who the best striker in England, Sergio Aguero, recently said “is the full package” and who West Ham manager Slaven Bilić hyperbolically called ‘world class’ makes an appearance in our top 15 on the back of three good seasons at Everton. He has found another gear this season after the arrival of Yanick Bolasie over the blue half of the Meyerside, already providing four assists for the powerful Belgian.

16Alexandre Lacazette (Lyon)

SRI Index rating: 64.43

Raw score: 61.66 (16th)

Age: 25

Games: 110

Minutes: 9,216

Goals and Assists: 72 (12)

Strongest category: Shooting accuracy and dribbling

Weakest category: Assists

He plays in France and this should attract detractors, but there can be no denying what Lacazette has done in the last three years and even after our league adjustment the French striker still cracks our top 20.

15Aritz Aduriz (Athletic Bilbao)

SRI Index rating: 64.46

Raw score: 60.59 (19th)


Games: 104

Minutes: 8,438

Goals and Assists: 59 (19)

Strongest category: Shot efficiency

Weakest category: Key passes, pass volume, and dribbling

The 35-year-old Spanish striker has enjoyed a long and industrious career spearheading the attack of many clubs in Spain. A solid goal threat and a reliable presence up front for Athletic Bilbao over the past few seasons, Aduriz’s placing shows that keeping your head down and letting the football do the talking is a sign of substance.

14Harry Kane (Tottenham Hotspur)

SRI Index rating: 64.60

Raw score: 62.94 (14th)

Age: 23

Games: 87

Minutes: 6,879

Goals and Assists: 51 (6)

Strongest category: Shooting accuracy and dribbling

Weakest category: Assists and shot efficiency

Kane’s emergence into football stardom took many by surprise. He was considered to be a lanky, clumsy player with very limited potential in his youth. He even bounced around a few clubs on loan in the English lower divisions. Now, leading the line for Tottenham Hotspur and the English national team, Kane boasts a powerful strike and admirable work ethic.

13Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool FC)

SRI Index rating: 66.53

Raw score: 65.79 (12th)

Age: 27

Games: 62

Minutes: 4,352

Goals and Assists: 33 (10)

Strongest category: Goals, pass completion, and dribbling

Weakest category: Key passes and shooting accuracy

The striker equivalent of Abou Diaby, Daniel Sturridge arguably possesses the best technical ability of all current English players. However, he will want to find consistent minutes wherever he can as he is in what should be his prime. After a tough start to 2016, where now that he is oddly fit, he is second to the impressive Brazilian Roberto Firmino. Those minutes may have to come elsewhere for this electric Englishman.

12Domenico Berardi (Sassuolo)

SRI Index rating: 68.41

Raw score: 62.63 (15th)

Age: 22

Games: 91

Minutes: 7,110

Goals and Assists: 40 (22)

Strongest category: Key passes and pass volume

Weakest category: (All) shooting

Carrying Sassuolo on his back at the age of 22, the Italian would hope to prove why he delayed a move to Juventus until next summer to continue his impressive development. His all round ability is already impressive and it is hoped that another year with lower lights may only help his finishing.

11Antoine Griezmann (Atletico de Madrid)

SRI Index rating: 68.80

Raw score: 67.53 (10th)

Age: 25

Games: 119

Minutes: 8,893

Goals and Assists: 66 (13)

Strongest category: Pass volume and shot efficiency

Weakest category: Dribbling

The heartbeat of Atletico Madrid is the latest in a production line of fine strikers from the second team from Madrid. His talents are on display every week in La Liga. Will he follow manager Diego Simeone out the door as he said when he does move?

10Chicharito (Bayer Leverkusen)

SRI Index rating: 69.01

Raw score: 66.40 (11th)

Age: 28

Games: 83

Minutes: 4,543

Goals and Assists: 33 (9)

Strongest category: Shot efficiency, shooting accuracy and passing accuracy

Weakest category: Pass volume and dribbling

Easily the most surprising entry in this top 25, Javier ‘Chicharito’ ‘Little Pea’ Hernandez features this prominently because of a superb minutes per goal ratio from Manchester to Leverkusen, as a super sub or as a starter, respectively. The fact that his other stats aren’t as weak as most expect means he is able to make a shock entry. People lie, but the SRI doesn’t lie.

9Robert Lewandowski (FC Bayern Munich)

SRI Index rating: 69.47

Raw score: 71.05 (6th)

Age: 28

Games: 105

Minutes: 8,677

Goals and Assists: 74 (15)

Strongest category: Goals and dribbling

Weakest category: Pass volume

The Poland international ranks lower on this list than expected but it is arguable that his spot begins the lineup of truly elite strikers. Lewandowski made the popular trek for top players from Dortmund to Munich and has overcome a slow start to begin firing them at a rate of knots consistent with his obvious stature in game.

8Gonzalo Higuain (Juventus)

SRI Index rating: 70.12

Raw score: 70.17 (8th)

Age: 28

Games: 115

Minutes: 8,844

Goals and Assists: 78 (16)

Strongest category: Goals and pass completion

Weakest category: Pass volume

An unsurprising entry into our top 10, the Argentinian has found great success in his career at the club level. Currently the most expensive South American footballer of all time, his goal-scoring, passing accuracy and chance creation are not bettered by many on this list with the same being true for his team contribution. However, he hasn’t done well enough in other areas to warrant placing any higher.

7Paulo Dybala (Juventus)

SRI Index rating: 70.6

Raw score: 67.7 (9th)

Age: 22

Games: 104

Minutes: 7,949

Goals and Assists: 40 (21)

Strongest category: Key passes, (all) passing and dribbling

Weakest category: Goals and shooting accuracy

Not a pure number nine, the prodigiously talented Argentine is one of the most sought after players in Europe. His ability to provide elite levels of creativity mixed with goalscoring talent makes him one of the best forwards in the game. It’s perhaps a pity that his national team is that loaded up front because we can’t watch enough of Paulo.

6Thomas Muller (Bayern Munich)

SRI Index rating: 70.76

Raw score: 72.54 (5th)

Age: 27

Games: 101

Minutes: 7,353

Goals and Assists: 46 (28)

Strongest category: Key passes and pass volume

Weakest category: Shooting accuracy and efficiency

What is he? Not a pure number 9 as most on this list, Muller shines where creativity is concerned. This every-man has defied and continues to defy what a top footballer looks like and plays like. In a team of superstars the comparatively quiet Muller continues to shine.

5Diego Costa (Chelsea)

SRI Index rating: 71.12

Raw score: 70.59 (7th)

Age: 28

Games: 99

Minutes: 8,274

Goals and Assists: 67 (14)

Strongest category: Shot efficiency

Weakest category: Pass volume

Say what you want about the demeanor of the man and his on field antics but there is no denying his obvious prowess and importance to Chelsea. There is no surprise he’s another proud former Atletico man, a seeming internship for some of Europe’s best.

His tactics may be underhanded, but his all round game often makes Chelsea fans forget his yellow cards and tantrums. The Brazilian-born Spain international is a fitting and worthy successor to Didier Drogba.

4Karim Benzema (Real Madrid C.F.)

SRI Index rating: 71.92

Raw score: 75.24 (3rd)

Age: 28

Games: 98

Minutes: 7,420

Goals and Assists: 60 (26)

Strongest category: Goals, assists, key passes, and pass completion

Weakest category: Shooting accuracy and dribbling

He was once one of two strikers to make our top 10 jostling for playing time at the Santiago Bernabeu. Ultimately he stayed and Higuain went on to bang in goals away from Spain. One of the best all round strikers today, his incisive passing is a major asset for a team that boasts perhaps the greatest goalscorer of all time in Cristiano Ronaldo.

He’s a big reason why we all love to watch the BBC.

3Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester United)

SRI Index rating: 73.0

Raw score: 74.5 (4th)

Age: 35

Games: 98

Minutes: 8,217

Goals and Assists: 87 (30)

Strongest category: Goals, assists, passing volume and shooting accuracy

Weakest category: Shot efficiency and dribbling

This larger than life footballer and man has utterly dominated Ligue 1 and won just about everything a footballer can win in his travels to Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Spain. At 35 he might not be as dominant as he was as he takes on the English league but there can be no denying the talent and accomplishments of the man.

2Sergio Aguero (Manchester City FC)

SRI Index rating: 81.93

Raw score: 82.89 (2nd)

Age: 28

Games: 94

Minutes: 7,071

Goals and Assists: 74 (16)

Strongest category: Goals, pass completion, and dribbling

Weakest category: Key passes and shooting accuracy

The second most predictable placing on our list, Kun Aguero has cemented his place as the second greatest striker on the planet with his pace, power and clinical ruthlessness. Aguero uses his dribbling – which ranks comfortably first – to get into the positions needed to pepper goalkeepers into submission. That both explains his ridiculous goals per minutes stats and is not so impressive looking shots per goal ratio, a tradeoff.

Pep Guardiola has the almost perfect front man to lead his line, perfect save for the final man on our list.

1Luis Suarez (FC Barcelona)

SRI Index rating: 84.11

Raw score: 87.43 (1st)

Age: 28

Games: 105

Minutes: 9,012

Goals and Assists: 94 (45)

Strongest category: Goals, assists, and key passes

Weakest category: Pass completion and shooting accuracy

Guessing that Luis Suarez would be at the top of the list is like guessing a day is 24 hours long. Given his body of work since his last year in Liverpool it was almost a formality. However, the Man City man Aguero will have him in his sights as Suarez’s brilliance is augmented by misplaced, often overambitious passes, a give and take for his many key passes and a shooting accuracy to be desired.

Clearly the best around and worth every bit of his transfer fee to Barcelona.