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Ranked: Europe’s Top 25 Strikers (2016/17)


B90M’s Rating Index for Strikers at end of 2016/17

We’ve given you tidbits and analysis of the factors that play into evaluating the top strikers in world football such as goal contributions, dribbling, passing and more. After tallying each of these stats dating back to the start of the 2014/15 season, here is our updated ranking of the top 25 strikers in world football! Just a reminder of what we consider when putting this ranking together.

The weighting system for the SRI considers:

Goals, Assists, Key Passes, Passing, Shooting Efficiency, Shooting Accuracy, the ability to draw fouls, Possession loss, and Dribbling.

25 Olivier Giroud (Arsenal)


Index rating: 58.28

Raw score: 59.78 (20th)

Age: 30

Games: 94

Minutes: 5,495

Goals and Assists: 42 (12)

Strongest category: Goals contributions and shooting

Weakest category: Dribbling and ball retention

Repackaged as Plan G, the ultimate super sub, the Frenchman has been reborn and is coming off his most clinical season in an Arsenal uniform. Maybe now he’ll finally start to win the respect football lovers have been hesitant to show him?

24 Lars Stindl (Borussia Mönchengladbach)

Index rating: 58.37

Raw score: 58.06 (26th)

Age: 28

Games: 81

Minutes: 6,981

Goals and Assists: 28 (14)

Strongest category: Passing (3rd), drawing fouls and shot accuracy

Weakest category: Goals & assists, and shots to goals

The Gladbach captain has proved a perfect foil for Raffael Araujo since his arrival from Hannover 96. A very solid passer and chance creator, Stindl has also worked his way into the German national team setup, with his goal winning the 2017 Confederations Cup for Die Mannschaft in Russia.

23 Romelu Lukaku (Manchester United)


Index rating: 58.63

Raw score: 56.02 (30th)

Age: 24

Games: 110

Minutes: 9,308

Goals and Assists: 53 (17)

Strongest category: Dribbling and shot accuracy.

Weakest category: Drawing fouls and ball retention

Red Rom is already painting Manchester red following his brace in his debut against West Ham and if his reputable stats at Everton are anything to go by, Old Trafford aka the Theatre of Dreams, may have a new highlight reel to enjoy for years to come.

22 Andrea Belotti (Torino)


Index rating: 59.45

Raw score: 58.10 (25th)

Age: 23

Games: 108

Minutes: 7,049

Goals and Assists: 44 (12)

Strongest category: Drawing fouls (1st) and key passes

Weakest category: Passing and shooting accuracy

After a 26-goal campaign in 2016/17, Belotti is very much a wanted man in Europe and another monster season could see the Italian international heading out of Turin to greater pastures.

21 Javier Hernández (West Ham)

Index rating: 59.54

Raw score: 59.58 (21st)

Age: 29

Games: 78

Minutes: 4,908

Goals and Assists: 35 (9)

Strongest category: Shooting (4th), shots to goals (3rd), and drawing fouls

Weakest category: Passing and dribbling

Back in the Premier League with West Ham, Chicharito continues to prove himself as a goal box menace and after a decent spell at Leverkusen, the Mexican aims to showcase that he still has a few years left at the highest level.

20 Kevin Gameiro (Atlético Madrid)


Index rating: 60.12

Raw score: 60.36 (19th)

Age: 30

Games: 88

Minutes: 4,743

Goals and Assists: 36 (11)

Strongest category: Shots to goals (4th) and shot accuracy (5th)

Weakest category: Passing and drawing fouls

Now 30 and playing second fiddle to Antoine Griezmann, Gameiro’s effectiveness comes in bunches rather than consistently, but he still notched 12 league goals in his first season under Diego Simeone and has added depth up top for Los Rojiblancos.

19 Mauro Icardi (Inter Milan)


Index rating: 60.73

Raw score: 57.84 (27th)

Age: 24

Games: 103

Minutes: 8,514

Goals and Assists: 62 (18)

Strongest category: Shots to goals ratio, goals contributions, and ball retention

Weakest category: Passing and dribbling

His own fans and peers can’t stand him sometimes, but the Argentine international has solidified himself as one of Serie A’s deadliest front men. Still a ways off his prime and a golden boot already to his name, Icardi could be making more positive headlines for himself for years to come.

18 Iago Aspas (Celta Vigo)

Index rating: 61.34

Raw score: 61.33 (18th)

Age: 30

Games: 83

Minutes: 5,434

Goals and Assists: 35 (8)

Strongest category: Key passes (4th), passing and drawing fouls

Weakest category: Shot accuracy

At his hometown club, Iago Aspas has looked every bit the fit Liverpool once hoped he would be, but failed to live up to. His return to Galicia has reaped much success, with a 6th placed finish for Celta Vigo in 2015/16 followed up by a run to the semi-finals of the Europa League in 2016/17, where they were a whisker away from defeating Manchester United.

17 Alexandre Lacazette (Arsenal)

Index rating: 62.90

Raw score: 62.14 (14th)

Age: 26

Games: 97

Minutes: 8,166

Goals and Assists: 75 (12)

Strongest category: Shooting accuracy (2nd), dribbling (4th) and passing

Weakest category: Non-penalty goals and assists, and key passes

A goal just two minutes into his debut for Arsenal this season has given hope that one of Europe’s most clinical strikers over the last three years and the club’s record signing could indeed transform into Alexandre the Great.

16 Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang (Borussia Dortmund)

Index rating: 62.99

Raw score: 61.78 (16th)

Age: 28

Games: 96

Minutes: 7,964

Goals and Assists: 72 (13)

Strongest category: Possession retention (5th), shooting, and goal contributions

Weakest category: Passing

The reigning golden boot winner in the Bundesliga has been the subject of much transfer speculation since last season. But Dortmund’s Spider-Man has continued to climb up the goal-scoring ladder in spite of the uncertainty surrounding his future and, for now, remains BVB’s hero.

15 Diego Costa (Chelsea)

Index rating: 63.42

Raw score: 62.40 (13th)

Age: 28

Games: 89

Minutes: 7,526

Goals and Assists: 52 (16)

Strongest category: Goal contributions, passing and drawing fouls

Weakest category: Possession retention

Despite two 20-goal seasons in the Premiership and leading Chelsea to another league title, the Brazilian appears to be done at Stamford Bridge. With Alvaro Morata in and Antonio Conte unwilling to compromise, Costa looks certain to be heading out the door before August 31st.

14 Domenico Berardi (Sassuolo)

Index rating: 63.75

Raw score: 61.38 (17th)

Age: 23

Games: 81

Minutes: 6,496

Goals and Assists: 27 (25)

Strongest category: Drawing fouls (2nd), key passes and dribbling

Weakest category: Shooting

Despite missing half of last season through injury, Berardi still managed nine assists in 21 league games in 2016/17, a marker of how strong his vision is. Subject of interest from Roma, Inter Milan and Fiorentina, bigger things lie ahead for this highly-rated Italian.

13 Ántoine Griezmann (Atlético Madrid)


Index rating: 63.92

Raw score: 62.02 (15th)

Age: 26

Games: 111

Minutes: 8,566

Goals and Assists: 60 (14)

Strongest category: Shooting (5th), passing and goal contributions

Weakest category: Chance creation

Deciding to remain at Atletico Madrid for at least another season due to the club’s transfer ban, Griezmann remains one of the most coveted players at his position. Ever since his days at Real Sociedad, the Frenchman has been quality on various fronts, though you wonder just how much more lethal he’d be in a system better suited for his game.

12 Thomas Müller (Bayern Munich)

Index rating: 64.25

Raw score: 64.99 (10th)

Age: 27

Games: 92

Minutes: 6.966

Goals and Assists: 38 (27)

Strongest category: Chance creation (3rd), passing (4th) and ball retention (5th)

Weakest category: Shooting

Had a wretched 2016/17 in front of goal, but still managed 12 assists in the league and, as always, found other ways to contribute consistently to the team. A true all-rounder.

11 Max Kruse (Werder Bremen)

Index rating: 64.80

Raw score: 62.95 (12th)

Age: 29

Games: 807Minutes: 7,075

Goals and Assists: 32 (22)

Strongest category: Key passes (1st), passing (2nd), possession retention (4th) and shooting accuracy

Weakest category: Goal contributions

A pretty good poker player in his own right as well, Kruse is one of the more underrated forwards in the game, with his vision and tidiness in possession key attributes to admire. Frankly, it’s a shame he’s bounced around the Bundesliga like he has, because his talents warrant a better landing spot than where he is now.

10 Harry Kane (Tottenham)

Index rating: 66.18

Raw score: 64.67 (11th)

Age: 24

Games: 102

Minutes: 8,475

Goals and Assists: 75 (12)

Strongest category: Goal contributions and dribbling

Weakest category: Ball retention and passing

Two golden boots in a row to his name and no longer is Kane just a regular citizen, he’s become the most prolific resident among strikers in the Premier League. If only he could score in August, just imagine how much more dangerous the Spurs front man would be.

9 Alvaro Morata (Chelsea)

Index rating: 66.96

Raw score: 69.56 (7th)

Age: 24

Games: 89

Minutes: 4,160

Goals and Assists: 30 (16)

Strongest category: Goal contributions excluding penalties (4th), drawing fouls (4th) and dribbling (5th)

Weakest category: Ball retention

He hasn’t played a ton, but when he does step on the field, something clutch usually happens. A late in-game scoring specialist who’s strong in the air and running at defenders, Chelsea landed a proper replacement for the outgoing Diego Costa.

8 Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich)

Index rating: 66.29

Raw score: 66.54 (9th)

Age: 28

Games: 96

Minutes: 7,910

Goals and Assists: 77 (14)

Strongest category: Goal contributions (4th) and dribbling

Weakest category: Passing and shot accuracy

A second straight 30-goal season for Pole resulted in yet another Bundesliga title as well as another reminder of why he’s one of the world’s most consistent strikers.

7 Gonzalo Higuaín (Juventus)

Index rating: 67.85

Raw score: 67.21 (8th)

Age: 29

Games: 110

Minutes: 8,707

Goals and Assists: 78 (12)

Strongest category: Goal contributions, dribbling and passing

Weakest category: Drawing fouls

The man who was branded as ‘Piguain’ due to his big belly early in the season feasted on opposing defenses in his first season at Juventus, scoring 24 times in the league. Still a question mark in big games, but the Argentine has (sort of) answered his critics since making the move from Napoli.

6 Karim Benzema (Real Madrid)

Index rating: 69.37

Raw score: 72.80 (5th)

Age: 29

Games: 85

Minutes: 6,178

Goals and Assists: 50 (22)

Strongest category: Goal contributions (3rd) and ball retention (3rd)

Weakest category: Drawing fouls

His goal and assists have been drying up, but Benzema remains such an important cog in Madrid’s well-oiled machine, with his work rate and build up play still essential to the team’s attacking strengths.

5 Zlatan Ibrahimović (Unattached)

Index rating: 71.01

Raw score: 71.48 (6th)

Age: 35

Games: 83

Minutes: 6,988

Goals and Assists: 74 (24)

Strongest category: Shot accuracy (4th), passing (5th) and ball retention

Weakest category: Drawing fouls

Despite missing his share of sitters and tearing up his knee late in the campaign, Zlatan proved he was long ready for the Premier League with a 17-goal return. A free agent now as he rehabs from said knee injury, it’s expected Ibracadabra will re-appear at Old Trafford very soon.

4 Sergio Agüero (Manchester City)

Index rating: 73.72

Raw score: 73.26 (3rd)

Age: 29

Games: 94

Minutes: 7,299

Goals and Assists: 70 (13)

Strongest category: Dribbling (1st), goal contributions (5th) and passing

Weakest category: Shot accuracy and ball retention

Still one of the game’s best up top when healthy, it seems Pep Guardiola has come to his senses after rumours El Kün was on his way out the Etihad. While his muscles still betray him from time to time, Agüero’s muscle memory in front of goal remains better than most.

3 Paulo Dybala (Juventus)

Index rating: 75.14

Raw score: 73.08 (4th)

Age: 23

Games: 99

Minutes: 7,556

Goals and Assists: 43 (26)

Strongest category: Passing (1st), dribbling (2nd) and chance creation (3rd)

Weakest category: Shooting

His game has suffered somewhat since the inclusion of Higuain, but Dybala remains one of football’s most versatile and cerebral talents. Near the top in every major category, the Argentine ranks third in our SRI

2 Luis Suárez (Barcelona)

Index rating: 80.07

Raw score: 81.78 (2nd)

Age: 30

Games: 97

Minutes: 8,178

Goals and Assists: 84 (43)

Strongest category: Goal contributions (2nd), shooting (3rd) and passing

Weakest category: Dribbling

Number one in our most recent rankings, El Pistolero has to settle for second on our rankings. Averaging a goal a game in his last two La Liga seasons at Barcelona and only in the midst of his prime, the Uruguayan remains one of the gold standards among strikers. But it’s a more dynamic – and somewhat controversial – entry who knocks him off his perch.

1 Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

Index rating: 80.99

Raw score: 82.91 (1st)

Age: 32

Games: 100

Minutes: 8,817

Goals and Assists: 106 (43)

Strongest category: Goal contributions (1st), ball retention (2nd) and passing

Weakest category: Drawing fouls and shot accuracy

Many will take objection to CR7 even being on this list, but the fact he has been playing more around the middle in recent years, coupled with his own admission in 2015 of strictly being a ‘penalty box player’ justifies his inclusion. Ronaldo is a goal-getter, an elite and clutch one at that. Hold up that jersey yes, you’re number 1 in our updated SRI!

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