No matter how often the calendar changes like it has to 2017, the debate about who is the best footballer at each position is will always be the same. Fans expressing differing arguments on the world’s most renowned players, based on biased or unbiased opinions. Over the last two months, we at Beyond 90 Minutes have made the step to help settle these arguments by creating ratings indexes, factoring in various statistics beyond goals and assists dating back to the 2013/14 season to accurately determine who the best are by position. Our first two lists of this variety compiled the very best strikers and forwards/attacking midfielders the game has to offer.

Our list of the top 25 strikers, originally released in November, has been updated to match our ratings index for forwards and attacking midfielders. As of January 1, here is a look at where the best strikers are ranked. A 38-year-old Claudio Pizarro continues to be so efficient, while the likes of Max Kruse and Andrea Belotti crack the top 20 and, to the surprise of no one, Luis ‘El Pistolero’ Suárez still tops the lot.

Meanwhile, our updated forwards and attacking midfielders list (also as of January 1) features another Barcelona megastar at number one, Lionel Messi of course. Bayern Munich’s ‘Robbery’ duo of Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben make the top five while in-form Napoli winger, Dries Mertens just misses the top 15 on our list, initially released on November 30.

Stay tuned to Beyond 90 Minutes as we continue to update these lists throughout the season and provide you with more player rankings to let you know who really is number one.