What about the rumours surrounding Joshua Kimmich and Sergio Agüero?

1. Joshua Kimmich to the City of Manchester

“We have big plans for him in the future,” he told Sky Sport. “He will be, quite literally, our successor to Philipp Lahm.

“From next season, he’ll get more and more minutes. That’s Carlo Ancelotti’s plan, at least.” – Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge.

“I do not miss Guardiola. This is simply the way things go in football. I had a coach at Leipzig as well who really helped me improve, Alexander Zorniger. It is not a bad thing for a player to have a number of coaches, because that will teach you different things. I did not see Pep as my footballing father; that was just something impulsive he said. But of course, it was great that Pep believed in me. But he did help me become a better player last season. Ancelotti also believes in me. I got plenty of playing time before the winter break. But I have set the bar higher for myself. I joined Bayern from a 2. Bundesliga side last term. I am not a Germany international who played at the Euros.” – Joshua Kimmich

Llemar: On the surface, this is nonsensical. Forget the red half (unless they continue their overpay policy). They’re third on this list of three options alone. Pep is a great admirer of the young man, but the variables are stacked against him. The man himself didn’t exactly say ‘Come and get me’ with his comments. A spot to which Kimmich slots in will be open soon and it is Bayern after all. Much like the Paul Pogba transfer, in which the player said negative things prior to leaving, it will take stupid money.

The faith shown in the promotion of Kimmich next season will be too much even for City’s treasure chest unless that promise is somehow broken. 

Stefan: I’m willing to bet my house that the only way we’ll see Kimmich play in Manchester next season is if one of the two Manchester clubs manages to qualify for the Champions league and draw his Bayern team.

Once again it’s easy to see the appeal of Kimmich if you’re looking to sign a top young talent, but once again what’s the appeal in Manchester for Kimmich? Zero out of 10. Kimmich is the heir to Lahm’s throne in more ways than one. This kid is going to lead Bayern one day.

2.  Sergio Agüero to Real Madrid

Llemar: What are the variables? Is it beneficial for him to stay? Will he be a starter in Madrid? Do Madrid want him? It’s unreasonable to expect Kun to be content with sharing time with a 19 year old, no matter how good he is. The very first time he was benched against Barcelona in the Champions league for ‘tactical reasons’ was a red flag. There are very few tactical reasons for benching your most gifted goal-scorer and arguably the best player in the league. His stock has taken a hit this season, but there are reasons for that, and it’s in no way a bad season. However, Sergio strikes me as a player who loves to be loved much like his former teammate, Carlos Tevez, even more than other strikers around. His output also shows significant correlation with how much attention he receives.

For a man still in his prime, he cannot think sharing time at a team that’s not even proven in Europe nor a lock for the league title. It’s clear he’s not favoured by Pep and providing competition/replacing Benzema in Madrid must be looking tasty for both player and receiving club. If he’s going to not be an automatic starter then he might as well be at a European powerhouse. Kun should and might very well get the chance to strut his stuff in Spain again. It might be as simple as ABC for him. Let’s see what Madrid do as he’s not the only high profile choice with imminent aspirations.

Stefan: Real Madrid are known to want a quality striker this summer. Aguero, a quality striker, is clearly no longer untouchable at Manchester City. Could this actually happen?

While I doubt he will be first choice on Perez’s transfer list this summer, failure to prize Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang away from Borussia Dortmund could lead to an attempt on the former Atletico hit man. One could argue he would be a better signing than the Dortmund man and would provide actual competition for Benzema unlike Morata.