In our first look at the sense and nonsense behind transfer rumours, Llemar and Stefan tackle the familiar, Neymar and Alexis Sanchez.


1. Neymar to Manchester United

Llemar: No, No, No. When creating transfer rumours, it’s best to know your audience. The United fanbase are one of the few who don’t care about the price and also ignore logic once it involves getting a world star. Why would Neymar move when Lionel Messi is ageing? Why would Barcelona sell when Messi is ageing? Why would Neymar join a team that is struggling to qualify for the Champions league? Why, why, why?

It’s even funnier that it’s not new.

Stefan: Silly season has started early hasn’t it? When evaluating the likelihood of this move the only factor that suggests it could happen is the fact United are probably the only club in the world that would put up the money to fund this happening. However, when you look at other factors such as: location, quality of players and overall team its hard to imagine why Neymar would leave Barcelona for Manchester. Listen people, no matter how much money Manchester United put on the table Neymar will not be joining the Red Devils this summer.

2. Alexis Sanchez to Chelsea


Llemar: “I’d like to stay in a city for a long time, in a team that is a winner, with winning mentality. I’m 28 and I have a lot ahead of me.”

There are a few ways I could envision him at Chelsea. He’s stated he wants to win AND stay in a big city. That’s almost as good as handing in a transfer request if you’re at Arsenal right now. He could play on the right side for them and that means displacing Willian and Pedro. The real reason this should gain traction, though, is the likelihood of Eden Hazard moving to Real Madrid. If fuel is added to those embers then Alexis is a pretty good replacement. If not then it’s unlikely. If he does move, all parties are satisfied. Well, except Arsenal.

Stefan: I wouldn’t worry about this one too much right now Arsenal fans. Quotes clearly lost in translation and the history of Antonio Conte once wanting Sanchez at Juventus are the only legs this link has right now. Maybe things will change in the future but it’s hard to see a financially stronger Arsenal selling to a rival unless stupid money is being exchanged.