John Doe (Kevin Spacey) chose the seven deadly sins: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride as his justification and modus operandi in the legendary movie bearing the title Se7en. There may just be that many deadly and potentially strikers on the transfer market as we hit silly season. Jostling for their signatures is a certainty. A couple more may move; but those are less likely, or like Sergio Agüero, are a story for another day. What can the suitors and fans of these teams expect, and where do they rank based on their degrees of deadliness?

Statistics sourced from Whoscored and Squawka.

  1. Alexandre Lacazette

Age: 25

Current Club: Olympic Lyonnaise

Deadly Sin: Lust

Associated Virtue: Chastity

Mins per Goal: 89.3 (26 total)

Mins per Assist: 774 (3 total)

Mins per Goal + Assist: 80.1 (29 total)

Mins per non-penalty Goal + Assist: 122.2 (19 total), Rank: 6th

Passes per 90 and completion %: 24.29 successful at 78.1%

Deadliness: 6.5/10

His celebrations are probably worth money, but of more importance to his suitors is his worth on a football pitch. Two of those suitors may very well be Arsenal and Liverpool who have both needed a fit, prolific striker for some time.

Positive checks beside his name are the speed that would suit Arsenal (get it?) or Jürgen Klopp’s system, his finishing/poaching ability, and dribbling. There must be a cautionary note on the 10 goals scored from penalties from his 26. This means that his goal-scoring numbers may be bloated and, as such, could suffer in a team where he isn’t the penalty taker. Still, his 26 goals have come on just 81 shots which suggests that he may be just fine. Time will tell as to whether he does and can make the progression from Lyon to a bigger club because he’s certainly clear he believes the time has come to leave and at this point lusts at the prospect.

  1. Romelu Lukaku

Age: 23

Current Club: Everton FC

Deadly Sin: Pride

Associated Virtue: Humility

Mins per Goal: 132.4 (24)

Mins per Assist: 529.5 (6)

Mins per Goal + Assist: 105.9 (30)

Mins per non-penalty Goal + Assist: 105.9 mins (30), Rank: 5th

Passes per 90 and completion %: 17.6 successful at 65.1%

Deadliness: 7/10

It’s time. Ever since Lukaku transferred from Chelsea to Everton in 2012. One thing has without a doubt been on his mind. However, his Achilles heel on the road to proving himself at a top club may be his pride and overconfidence. The big Belgian has never been shy about just how much he rates himself, and after a baptism of fire in his first time around at Chelsea, his focus could be singular…“Get back and show them how good I am”. There’s no doubting his ability to score and score many, and Manchester United is another possible destination if preferred targets don’t pan out for this very reason.

If he does move to Chelsea as Diego Costa’s replacement, humility is needed if he’s to refine the rough edges that persist in his game at all and extract everything from his vast natural gifts of power & pace, and complete finishing ability that is the envy of many. He still doesn’t feel like the final form of what this man could become, but this iteration can and will score at will with his left foot, right foot, or head. He’s not even a penalty taker. He’ll dribble at you with pace despite his size and turn you inside out. The future is bright for the colossal Belgian.

  1. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Age: 27

Current Club: Borussia Dortmund

Deadly Sin: Sloth

Associated Virtue: Diligence/patience

Mins per Goal: 92.8 (29)

Mins per Assist: 1346 (2)

Mins per Goal + Assist: 86.8 (31)

Mins per non-penalty Goal + Assist: 92.8 (29), Rank: 2nd

Passes per 90 and completion %: 11.8 successful at 70.1%

Deadliness: 8/10

The Gabonese striker has given rise to his stock through the unbearable weight of goals over the past two years. Seen as a speedy but flawed forward as late as 2014, Aubameyang has lit up the Bundesliga so much that a move to Real Madrid, Man City or PSG may be more likely to happen than not. With so much uncertainty at the Bernabeu over Alvaro Morata and Karim Benzema, one for playing time and one for a frustrating season, a characteristic move to get the flavour of the day is very plausible.

He won’t come cheaply, but it’s Madrid so that’s no deterrent.

One name not mentioned as being uncertain, Gareth Bale, may hold the keys to the move if he himself makes the trek back to England. In Aubameyang you’ll get a punishing finisher with even more punishing speed. The downside to any move for him is the relative weakness of his overall game. Will that be a problem with Cristiano Ronaldo already looking to be the goal merchant? Then again, he could be a replacement. Does the man from Gabon get his dream move? Man. City makes more sense and money talks. The day Aubameyang loses his drive to run like a locomotive is the day he loses his value. Let’s see whose money speaks the right language in the summer.