Mo’ Signings for Liverpool?

As we touched on recently, Liverpool have finally clinched the signing of Mohamed Salah.

15 goals and 11 assists last season for the Egyptian. Klopp will push his Salah to redeem himself from his Chelsea days. His time in Italy suggests that was a lifetime ago.

The Reds aren’t done there though. Keita emerged as a target recently.


Worth it? Probably not but that’s not for us to decide. That’s the market these days.

French Revolution

Looks like France is where it’s at for Arsenal this transfer window.

Depending on how cynical you are, Traore is closer to a replacement than a supplement to Lyon as Arsenal look to seal Lacazette.

Sticking with Arsenal, another French youngster is on their radar these days.

Of course! Mbappe was just a smokescreen. Wenger, you sly dog!

Gerard Goes Home

In one of the strangest moves you’ll see this summer…

In fairness, he did well for Milan but the jury is still out on Gerard. Should be a good sub for Barca but if he’s going back with a view to play consistently, he’s better off staying Merseyside. On the other hand, they could be getting him at a cut price just to sell him for more. Watch this space.