Depending on what side of the table you sit on the man who broke Sir Bobby Charlton’s goal scoring record, Wayne Rooney is either a bona fide Manchester United legend who should stay at Old Trafford until he calls it quits, or a former great who is well past his sell by date and should be ushered out the door.

Rooney is no stranger to speculation about his future, but this time around there seems to be a genuine possibility that his time at Old Trafford is drawing to a close. A move to China has already been squashed, but recent speculation suggests he is giving serious consideration to a return to Goodison Park. A move Everton manager, Ronald Koeman, has publicly put his seal of approval on.

Whether Everton fans would want him back is a polarising subject. There still remains a camp of fans considering the boy who donned the ‘Once a blue, always a blue’ shirt to be a traitor, and thus, unforgivable. On the other hand, there exists a camp who have accepted that a player of his talent needed to leave Everton to develop and win the trophies he has subsequently won. The latter camp is in favour of his return and silently willing it into being. However, is this really the type of move the Toffees should be making?