Subjective judgment can in itself lead to unfair if not all out disastrous outcomes, particularly when it shows up amid arguments regarding the teams we root for. Take for example everyone’s once deep admiration for a certain French midfielder who recently made a much talked about move to England after having razzled and dazzled us all with week in, week out displays of not just showmanship, but hard tackling, grass crushing performances with his previous club. This inexplicably allows for tension to naturally sharpen the scythes and pitchforks of both supporters and rivals alike, after all, with great Talent [and an even greater transfer fee] comes great expectations.
When it comes to pressure to perform from hefty transfer fees however, not many, if any, are as gilded and have grown quite as familiar with such matters as Real Madrid FC, which could no doubt spiral this article into what won’t be anything short of ironically charged fits of laughter. That being due to the fact that the Royal club’s most reliable weapon this year may not necessarily come in the form of Ronaldo’s tally, Bale’s individual acts of genius, Marcelo’s, Toni Kroos’ or even Luka’s (Modric) Magic.

Lucas Vázquez Iglesias, the young winger who has fought for his place amongst the titans of football, has seemed to have given Madridistas hope in a time when personnel will likely be at an unfamiliar standstill. His consistent displays of excellence on the pitch, particularly in close matches has earned him the trust of his coach which has on several occasions seen him receive the nod ahead of the likes of James Rodriguez and the recently departed Jesé Rodriguez. Not quite as flashy or known for a strong goal scoring prowess as the aforementioned, the man from Curtis has all but given what is usually the most unfairly expecting Los Blancos faithful a reason to cheer him on albeit in what can easily be described as a reluctant manner. He makes roughly £30,000 in weekly wages which, let’s be honest is almost comedic considering where he plies his trade and especially given how integral a part of the team’s success he’s become in less than a full calendar year of first team action. It’s perhaps his poise and unfazed demeanour even in the biggest moments that has gained him the trust of a coach whom was himself renowned for being arguably the most poised and [bar WC Final] unfazable man to ever play this game.

Not likened by style of play but certainly in maintaining a steady pulse during the most heart pounding moments, he’s shown a knack for making the right play whether it’s using his speed racing back to recover against counters or just finding a player in the perfect scoring position. The fact that he’s also the rare success story to make it to the big show from Castilla ranks is also quite a testament to the slowly but surely improving youth rank promotion process of the club which has always opened channels for harsh yet fair criticism in the past when compared to the likes of an Arsenal and Man United. Especially when rivals Barcelona and Atletico Madrid have made such progress and profit by promoting players to first team success from their respective academies. Admittedly, Vasquez although 25 is one of a few to have been promoted recently with the others being the aforementioned Jesé, Alvaro Morata, Mariano and even Daniel Carvajal who has secured his place in the starting eleven and is arguably a World Class player at the moment.

You can expect more of the same from Lucas. He seems humble and hungry enough to adhere to the philosophy of his coach as well as gaining the trust of his teammates; and even though he’s no goalie, he’s certainly a keeper.

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