Attacker Rating Index – Category Rankings

Mins per Goal or Assist

The best forwards and attacking midfielders at the art of goal-scoring and providing assists since the beginning of the 2014/15 season. Accurate to end 2016/17.

PlayerClubRankingMins per Goal or Assist
Lionel MessiBarcelona160.0
Franck Ribery Bayern Munich287.7
Dries MertensNapoli389.1
Arjen RobbenBayern Munich489.9
James RodriguezReal Madrid590.5
Neymar Da Silva Barcelona694.0
Gareth BaleReal Madrid795.6
Mohamed SalahRoma8111.9
Alexis SanchezArsenal9114.6
Kevin de BruyneManchester City10115.6
Lorenzo InsigneNapoli11122.1
NolitoManchester City12122.3
Marco ReusBorussia Dortmund13122.4
Ousmane DembeleBorussia Dortmund14129.3
Angel di MariaPSG15130.4
IscoReal Madrid16138.0
Josip IličićFiorentina17140.0
Emil ForsbergRB Leipzig18144.7
Sadio ManeLiverpool19145.3
Son Heung-MinTottenham20146.0
Iago FalqueTorino21150.8
Mesut OzilArsenal22151.6
Alejandro GomezAtalanta23151.8
Pablo PiattiEspanyol24152.4
Marek HamsikNapoli25152.9


The most impactful shooters of the football amongst attackers. Our measure considers a mixture of accuracy and efficiency and, as usual, goes beyond what is the norm to tell it as it is.

PlayerClubRankingShooting Index
James RodriguezReal Madrid198.81
Franck Ribery Bayern Munich296.43
Lionel MessiBarcelona390.13
Pablo PiattiEspanyol487.68
Jérémy MenezBordeaux586.53
Mario GötzeBorussia Dortmund 684.27
Iago FalqueTorino782.67
Mohamed SalahRoma882.50
Grégoire DefrelSassuolo982.03
RaffaelMönchengladbach 1081.21
Eden HazardChelsea1180.69
Salomon KalouHertha Berlin1280.55
Neymar Da Silva Barcelona1380.32
Juan MataManchester United1480.01
Mesut ÖzilArsenal1578.89
Emil ForsbergRB Leipzig1676.10
IscoReal Madrid1775.97
Alexis SanchezArsenal1875.26
Andre AyewWest Ham1974.31
Son Heung-MinTottenham2074.11
Lucas PerezArsenal2172.59
Shinji KagawaBorussia Dortmund2272.18
Dries MertensNapoli2371.73
Marco ReusBorussia Dortmund2471.24
Riyad MahrezLeicester City2570.82

Pass Masters

Our comprehensive measure of passing for attackers which considers passing effectiveness, intent, accuracy, and involvement in play. Too often passing prowess is reduced to purely a measure of accuracy, ignoring the contextual factors that contribute to accuracy and the ultimate purpose of passing, creating meaningful chances.

PlayerClubRankingPassing Index
Mesut OzilArsenal190.18
Dimitri PayetMarseille289.28
Emil ForsbergRB Leipzig387.03
Angel di MariaPSG483.42
James RodriguezReal Madrid582.46
Kevin de BruyneManchester City680.72
Franck Ribery Bayern Munich780.34
David SilvaManchester City879.77
Christian EriksenTottenham976.45
Ryad BoudebouzMontpellier1073.41
Eden HazardChelsea1170.95
Marek HamšíkNapoli1270.20
Hakan ÇalhanoğluBayer Leverkusen1369.77
Dušan TadićSouthampton1469.10
Lionel MessiBarcelona1566.81
Neymar Da Silva Barcelona1666.78
Zlatko JunuzovićWerder Bremen1765.91
Arjen RobbenBayern Munich1864.80
Josip IličićFiorentina1964.17
Philippe CoutinhoLiverpool 2063.20
NolitoManchester City2162.82
Adem LjajićTorino2262.65
Henrikh MkhitaryanManchester United2362.45
Dries MertensNapoli2462.23
IscoReal Madrid2561.41

Note: Statistics correct up to end 2016/17 and represent data from the beginning of the 2014/15 season to present.

Dazzling Dribblers

Dribbling is difference making. A great dribbler is a difference maker. Who tops our dribbling depth charts?

PlayerClubRankingDribbling Score
Ousmane DembéléBorussia Dortmund13.40
Eden HazardChelsea23.33
Neymar da Silva Barcelona32.88
Lionel MessiBarcelona42.70
Arjen RobbenBayern Munich52.56
Lucas MouraPSG62.42
Alexis SanchezArsenal72.37
Felipe AndersonLazio82.27
Franck Ribery Bayern Munich92.20
Philippe CoutinhoLiverpool101.99
IscoReal Madrid111.92
Riyad MahrezLeicester City121.90
Franco VazquezSevilla131.88
Ross BarkleyEverton141.87
Roberto FirminoLiverpool161.78
Henrikh MkhitaryanManchester United171.74
Alejandro GomezAtalanta181.72
Yannick CarrascoAtletico Madrid191.69
Sadio ManeLiverpool201.64
Emil ForsbergRB Leipzig211.605
Raheem SterlingManchester City221.602
Giacomo BonaventuraAC Milan231.57
Michail AntonioWest Ham241.48
Memphis DepayLyon251.47

Note: Statistics correct up to end 2016/17 and represent data from the beginning of the 2014/15 season to present.

The Most Fouled Players

A great dribbler IS a difference maker. They are also some of the most prime candidates for being hacked to the ground. Who gets fouled the most?

PlayerClubRankingDribbling Score
Franco VazquezSevilla14.69
Neymar da Silva Barcelona24.18
Eden HazardChelsea33.32
Alejandro GomezAtalanta43.01
Sadio ManéLiverpool52.868
Raúl GarcíaAthletic Bilbao62.866
Giacomo BonaventuraAC Milan72.81
Jérémy MenezBordeaux82.73
Raheem SterlingManchester City92.67
Kevin VollandBayer Leverkusen102.65
Pablo PiattiEspanyol112.64
Lionel MessiBarcelona122.54
Andre AyewWest Ham132.50
Dries MertensNapoli142.49
Josip IličićFiorentina152.46
Franck Ribery Bayern Munich162.45
Zlatko JunuzovićWerder Bremen172.43
Alexis SanchezArsenal182.41
EderInter Milan192.38
IscoReal Madrid202.36
Riyad MahrezLeicester City212.34
Ousmane DembéléBorussia Dortmund222.31
Henrikh MkhitaryanManchester United232.24
Michail AntonioWest Ham242.22
NolitoManchester City252.18

Note: Statistics correct up to end 2016/17 and represent data from the beginning of the 2014/15 season to present.

Masters of the Cross

Crossing is undoubtedly the trademark of many attacking players. Which wide forwards and attacking midfielders come out tops?

PlayerClubRankingCrossing Score
Dimitri PayetMarseille10.94
Mesut OzilArsenal20.89
James RodriguezReal Madrid30.76
Ryan BoudebouzMontpellier40.72
Kevin de BruyneManchester City50.70
Angel di MariaPSG60.67
Zlatko JunuzovićWerder Bremen70.64
Alejandro GómezAtalanta80.61
Hakan ÇalhanoğluBayer Leverkusen90.56
Dušan TadićSouthampton100.53
Gylfi SigurdssonSwansea City110.51
Pablo PiattiEspanyol120.47
Lucas MouraPSG130.45
Ousmane DembeleBorussia Dortmund140.41
Antonio CandrevaInter Milan150.40
Neymar da SilvaBarcelona160.391
Emil ForsbergRB Leipzig170.387
David SilvaManchester City180.36
Giacomo BonaventuraAC Milan190.322
Josip IličićFiorentina200.317
Felipe AndersonLazio210.294
Henrikh MkhitaryanManchester United220.289
Memphis DepayLyon230.277
Arjen RobbenBayern Munich240.276
NolitoManchester City250.27

Note: Statistics correct up to end 2016/17 and represent data from the beginning of the 2014/15 season to present.

Ball Handlers

There is an art to keeping the ball. In the category of attackers, these are the most careful not to lose it, by hook or crook. Even better is being able to be safe in possession and a dynamic creator of chances.

PlayerClubRankingLosses of Possession
José CallejónNapoli11.62
Arjen RobbenBayern Munich22.12
Dries MertensNapoli32.28
Marek HamšíkNapoli42.36
Ivan PerišićInter Milan52.38
Gareth BaleReal Madrid62.44
Zlatko JunuzovićWerder Bremen72.49
Juan MataManchester United82.685
Raul GarciaAthletic Bilbao92.693
Iago Falque Torino102.70
James RodriguezReal Madrid112.75
Marco ReusBorussia Dortmund122.79
Gylfi SigurdssonSwansea City132.88
Franck RiberyBayern Munich142.90
Lionel MessiBarcelona162.97
Antonio CandrevaInter Milan173.02
Andre AyewWest Ham183.14
Pablo PiattiEspanyol193.20
ÉderInter Milan203.22
Marco ArnautovićStoke City213.26
Yunus MalliWolfsburg223.32
Lorenzo InsigneNapoli233.35
Mesut ÖzilArsenal243.37
Mario GötzeBorussia Dortmund253.57

Note: Statistics correct up to end 2016/17 and represent data from the beginning of the 2014/15 season to present.