In what may read as a list of the best of the Premier league, we present the best from Group G which includes England, Belgium, Tunisia, and Panama. Is there a place for Raheem Sterling, Dries Mertens, Mousa Dembele, Toby Alderweireld, or Romelu Lukaku? Who stands at the summit, Eden Hazard, Kevin de Bruyne, or Harry Kane?

5. Raheem Shaquille Sterling

Coming into his own under Pep Guardiola, the x-factor that is Raheem Sterling’s biggest obstacles have come from his own. If the Jamaican-born forward is able to shake it off and play unburdened, England and the world may be in for a treat. England is set up for the joy to come from wide. That’s where the biggest talent is. Sterling is an integral part of that.

4. Harry Edward Kane

One of the best strikers going around, Kane is pipped for third by an underrated light. More of that in a minute. Kane is perhaps only bettered as a shooter of the ball amongst strikers by Cristiano Ronaldo. His radar is rarely off and if England are even thinking of moving past the quarter finals, he’ll be one of two who have to perform. His game? It’s simple. Tremendous work-rate and determination. Fantastic eye for goal, usage of space, understated dribbling ability, and peak football intelligence. You know…the things everyone should have noticed when they were labelling him a one season wonder.

3. Mousa Dembélé

Dr. Mousa has been delivering lectures around the Premier league all season in a selfless bid to share his knowledge. While his placing ahead of Kane may be controversial to some, the only possible move for him on this list may have been up. His ability to make fundamentals look like a stroll in the park is amongst the best. Belgium are most recognised in their front three, but arguably the best biggest weapons lie in the middle.

2. Eden Michael Hazard

The third best dribbler in world football, Eden Hazard, is good for second on this list. He, however, is capable of doing the most damage of anyone in a Belgian shirt with his mesmeric technical ability. The talking point behind Belgium has to be whether Roberto Martinez can hold it together well enough to allow these guys to create the upsets they are well capable of.

1. Kevin de Bruyne

If Toni Kroos is the perfect central midfielder, then the ginger haired prince is the perfect all round midfielder. The most devastatingly effective crosser of the football in today’s game also boasts, arguably, a top ten football IQ, technical ability for days proven by his ability to pull off belters with both feet and his supreme command of the ball, the vision to see and execute passes most see and wish well, and an engine that never seems to lose steam. He’s the best player on either team. Will we see it in Russia or will the slight dip towards the end of the Premier league season continue? Let’s hope we do in the name of football because he, along with Mousa Dembele, have the keys to unlocking the force that is (R.E.D) Romelu Lukaku, Eden, and Dries Mertens.