South East London club, Millwall FC, secured promotion to the English League Championship in dramatic fashion after a scrambling 85th minute Steve Morrison winner.

The goal being only a bit offside apparently gave Millwall fans license to go raging mad.

Scenes reached past tense after the final whistle as supporters stormed the pitch in a mixture of delirium and craze to incite further tensions with Bradford City’s players.

The manager wasn’t too pleased.

Neither was she.

Manager Neil Harris and his players were seen trying to calm the situation. Game winner Morrison, a former Norwich and Leeds striker, went as far as to say the occasion was spoiled for him. Congrats Millwall, but this incident leaves an unwanted sour taste in the mouths of a joyous day for the club who are back in England’s second tier after relegation in 2014/15.

Good luck in the Championship!!

Because promoted teams are fresh meat.